Hello, my name is Demi Kay Schlehofer and I'm a multidisciplinary artist consisting of many trades and passions. In addition to being a well-rounded artist that offers a focused skill-set in design and special effects, I’m also a detailed oriented team player that's experienced in project and team management.

I graduated from Columbia College Chicago in May of 2016 with a BFA in Art & Design, and from Cinema Makeup School through the Master Makeup Program, in 2019.



Through being a digital designer, fabricator, mold maker, and makeup artist; I'm able to embody a unique take on life and deeply enjoy the work I choose to engage with. I frequently find myself exploring my creative energy through various freelance opportunities including branding local businesses, designing custom art, and helping bring characters to life in Hollywood and on the big screen.


I'm a profound social sponge and always hungry for a new project, so please feel free to reach out with your next big idea! 


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