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  Hello, my name is Demi Kay Schlehofer and I'm a multidisciplinary artist consisting of many trades and passions.


​In addition to being multifaceted, I’m a detailed oriented team player with experience in project/team management, who finds pleasure in delivering quality craftsmanship in many forms.

I graduated from Columbia College of Chicago in May of 2016 with a BFA in Art & Design and from Cinema Makeup School's "Master Makeup Program" in 2019. Since 2019, I've had a heavy hand in LA's entertainment industry as an SFX fabricator and casting technician, among many other jobs specializing in props, set design, and costumes for film & television.

Through various passions & projects that utilize a variety of mediums, building techniques, and problem-solving; I'm able to embody a unique take on life and deeply enjoy the work I choose to engage with. I frequently find myself exploring my creative energies through various freelance opportunities; whether it be contributing to local businesses, creating customized art, or helping breathe life into movie magic.

I'm a profound social sponge who’s always eager to build on my skills and learn more through doing, so please feel free to reach out with your next big project!

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