Carpe Diem Post Mortem


With this collection of photographs, I've expressed my new found understanding of the term "zombie" and what the term implies through visual representation and my craft. By identifying the definitive characteristics of each zombie genre,  I created makeups and scenes in which to correlate their basic essentials. The urge to understand these forms has inspired me to break zombies down by their individual classifications, and has influenced me to reconstruct them for a world of my own.

The entire learning process, particularly Kevin boon's classification of the nine zombie genres, has truly opened my eyes to a broader understanding of what it means to be a zombie, and how the term is presented throughout the evolution of it's perception - thus helping me to identify how these various implications can be produced in a visual manner through the use of special effect makeup. Conducting my work in such a way allowed me to serve as a makeup artist, set designer, casting director, light technician, graphic designer, and a photographer  -  all which can be applied and serve as useful within my future field of work.

Before participating in our Zombies in Poplar Media course, I had little previous structure in mind as to how zombies came to be, let alone why. Today I stand with a greater understanding of the revolutionary abominations we all know and love. Through participating in such - I intend to reflect my curiosity around the destruction of consciousness, and hope to create curiosity in the minds of others. 




Classification: Zombie Drone
Classification: Cultural Zombie:
Classification: Tech Zombie
Classification: Bio Zombie:
Classification: Zombie Channel
Psychologicall Zombie:  ~The Keeper~
Classification: Zombie Ghost
Classification: Zombie Ghoul
Classification: Zombie Ruse