- Nature Morte De La Femme -


April 6 – April 22, 2016

Opening Reception: April 7th, 4-7:30pm



     Nature Morte De La Femme, is an exhibition created by Demi Kay Schlehofer, an undergraduate Senior in the Art + Design Program at Columbia College Chicago. Demi’s work derives from a common inability to properly express one’s feelings pertaining to the human experience, and as an attempt to make sense of this misconception through means of her own. Through a collage of many mediums, Demi creates a foundation to antagonize such a void, while allowing herself to portray her moral and social questionings revolving life’s innocence; particularly in correlation with decay, discomfort and control. For this premise, she engages with these topics with a focus on women’s oppression, and how our society’s version of the human experience transforms a woman’s state of being both physically and mentally during the course of her own experience. With the intention of serving as a window to the destruction of innocence pertaining to women, Demi has created an environment to expand upon such issues and view them with unfamiliar eyes.


Demi Schlehofer

- Concept Artist, Art Director, Makeup Artist, Exhibiton coordinator -


Glenese Hand

- Makeup coordinator, Project Advisor, Fabrication Master -



Tarin Butterfield

- Photographer, Photo Editior -



Art + Activism

- Sponsor, Problem Solver, Promotion Manager,  Hands on Support -



Kali Mann

- Assistant SFX Makeup Artist, Neck Prosthetic Creator & Applicator-


That in which is gold, is held only temporary. 

For one’s first breath, is to comply furthermore 

with the persistence of memory, time, and space.  

A pure form;

a catalyst for change, a motive to pursue. 

A compulsion.

That in which is sacred, though, is held to be sacrificed. 

By knowing, by what is.

  An elusive epidemic; 

our breeding, our feeding; 

our careless dancing 

in the shadows of forces greater than our own. 

The animals, our leaders, 

it was never our nest.

 we tossed our temple to unruly hands,

and we tossed our children to the wolves of the world. 

Choking, drowning; 

on burdens, bills, and blessings. 

Fearing our father’s watching, 

fearing that they’re weeping,-

to find that time's brought change,

to find his Garden in flames.

And soon we’ll be forced to watch,

those lead woes asunder;

the American dream. 


American Dream