A Stop Motion Animation 

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TOE is a stop motion animation created by a group of Columbia College Chicago alumni.
TOE is inspired by the story" The Big Toe" written by Alvin Schwartz from "Stories to Tell in the Dark". The story is about a young boy who one day unearths a mysterious toe in is garden. Due to starvation the boy is left with no choice but to consume the toe, only to find out that the toe's owner is yearning for his missing toe from beyond the grave....
I was personally responsible for the fabrication of the puppets, as well as miscellaneous tasks throughout the project. The boy was created using a aluminum armature, sculpey clay, dragon skin silicone, eco flex silicone, crepe hair, and more. The Creep was made out of an aluminum armature, and sculpey, cepe hair, and more.
TOE is currently availble to view for free on Amzon Prime! Please refer to @WorkshedAnimation for the inside scoop behind the making of TOE.